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God Is Big

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Our God is big; our God is a big God.

People tend to ask why, why does he capture so much attention.

He's the only one who sees us completely raw.

He's the only one that knows us beyond all comprehension, but still he loves us as though we're pure.  Like a mother who looks upon her child, so much that we should always feel so secure.

Our God is a big God, but people don't seem to understand. 

Our God doesn't look at our flaws because everything that has happened has already been planned. Everything surrounding our being has a cause, and no matter how bad it gets,

our God will never call in quits.

See our God is a big God People say he has no mercy, but did you not see Jesus and his squad.

Not all of them were worthy. If Jesus himself died just so we can live.

Shouldn't we renounce our pride to the one that forgives?

Like I said our God is a big God. Each day we wake up is a blessing.

Nothing is promised so therefore just thank him, and even though people don't get it.

We should forever and always admit

Our God is a big God

-Sis Ola Iyaomolere

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